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    Rancilio Classe 7

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    Designed to always get the best extraction from every coffee, Classe 7 combines functionality and ergonomics in a modern and elegant look.

    Featuring the most advanced brewing technologies developed by Rancilio for single boiler espresso machines, it guarantees top-of-the-range thermal stability, accuracy, reliability and a high level of energy efficiency. Classe 7 is a cost-effective solution for bars, restaurants, and coffee shop chains.

    The Classe 7 is focused on what matters most:

    Quality in the cup. Bringing your customers back for more 

    Ease of use. Minimising learning curves and staff training times

    Reliability. You can count on the Classe 7 to be working with you, not against you.

    It does all this while maintaining a stylish, functional design and of course, we still offer 12 months warranty.


    Class-leading Brew Technology

    Steady Brew: This is an evolution of the traditional thermosiphon system which allows for excellent thermal stability during both the busy and the not so busy times.

    It means your coffee tastes exactly as you want it to, all the time!

    T-Switch: The addition of the 4 position T-Switch allows for different groupheads to have different temperatures. 

    This gives you the benefits of a multi-boiler machine without any of the initial outlay or energy costs!

    Programmable Doses all Round 

    The Classe 7 features programmable buttons for everything, including the hot water. This removes all guesswork from the brewing process and ensures consistency and quality across all your products.

    Digital Screen

    The Classe 7 features a digital display on the front of the machine. This allows for seamless, efficient communication between the barista and the machine. Users can check the status of the machine and change machine settings with ease and in real time.

    Excellent Efficiency

    With a programmable On/Off feature, the Classe 7 is always working when you need it and never when you don't.

    Easy Clean

    With Classe 7, the cleaning cycle finishes in 5 minutes. The user only needs to position the empty rubber filters and detergent tablets in the portafilters and press the button to start the washing and rinsing cycle.


    The C-lever steam valve is operated by rotating the knob just 25°. Turning it upwards, the valve stays open. Turning it downwards, the valve opens and automatically closes
    when released.



    The iSteam automatic steam wand features two buttons, both of which can be programmed with the following functions: “Cappuccino”, to heat and froth milk, or “Latte”, to heat only.

    Technical Specifications


    Height: 520mm

    Width: 770mm

    Depth: 550mm

    Weight: 74kg

    Boiler Capacity: 11L

    Power: 2.9kW



    Height: 520mm

    Width: 1010mm

    Depth: 540mm

    Weight: 85kg

    Boiler Capacity: 16L

    Power: 6.75kW

    Shipping Policy

    Class 7 has variable availability. This machine is not always in stock but is always available to backorder. Please get in touch with any further questions to place order in advance for customer colour or variant.