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Full-Day Barista Workshop

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What makes a "good" coffee stand out against a "bad" one? 

How can you get that perfect espresso extraction?

What exactly is the difference between a flat white, a latte and a cappuccino?

Coffee is complicated, but we can make it simple for you. Our full day barista workshop will have you Baristafyed before you know it. The course runs over a full day in our state of the art facility in Cork City. It covers the following:

1. A brief history of coffee

2. The coffee cultivation process. Where and how does it grow?

3. Which beans are best. Arabica or Robusta?

4. Processing methods of green beans.

5. Roasting 

6. Brewing methods

7. Espresso

8. Grinding 

9. Finding the perfect extraction

10. Equipment (Espresso machines and grinders)

11. Milk, milk, milk! How to make it creamy and sweet.

12. Proper cleaning, maintenance and care.