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Microfibre cloth for steam wand

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Our new Barista Steam Cloth is unique as it features 3 separate layers, consisting of a microfiber front and back with a silicone center. The white side is for wiping the steam lance, and the dark side to clean surfaces and other parts of the machine. The special integrated silicone layer in the center prevents steam and hot water from penetrating the cloth and enables you to clean and wipe the steam lance even while steaming. 


  • 1- Barista Steam Micro Fiber Cloth WITH Steam BLOCKER INSIDE
  • 1- Cleaning cloth for steam wand with integrated anti-scorch Steam Protection
  • 1- White microfiber side for steam wand - Black side for your counter
  • 1- HACCP cleaning cloth for espresso machines
  • 1- You can clean the steam wand WHILE steaming without risk of burns