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Ascaso Baby T+

€3,900.00 €4,200.00
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*Warning For Serious Baristas Only!*


  • The Baby T+ from Ascaso is one of the most premium machines on the domestic market and sets itself apart from the crowd in a number of ways. The Baby T comes in a wide array of colours and sports a  2.5L steam boiler for high quality and consistent steam quality delivering perfect, shiny milk with a smooth micro foam every time. I

  • Instead of a boiler for espresso the Baby T+ uses a thermoblock heating water on demand, conserving energy and maintaining quality by always heating fresh water where a boiler would continuously reheat the same water time and time again.

  • Additionally, the Baby T+ is accompanied by an app which can be used to adjust almost everything in the machine from wake-up times to the PID temperature control system and the machines 5 programmable volumetric dosing buttons